Terra Kotta Farms was born when Scott and Allison Stapleton bought a small piece of property in rural South Carolina.  Scott’s passion for sustainability and farming and Allison’s passion for healthy food melded to form their small family farm.  Terra Kotta started as an organic farm serving customers fresh fruits and veggies.  As time passed, the need for education and nutritional counseling was apparent. Customers needed help making good choices for their families, as well as themselves, and just wanted to be given an answer to the reappearing question: “What do I eat?”  An ever-changing world full of increasing health needs has made healthy food extremely more important.   The TKF Reboot was formed to help people improve their health as well as their family’s health.  It’s time. Restart. Renew. Replenish.

Allison has her Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition and has over 20 years of nutrition counseling, as well as a culinary arts background.  She specializes in fine-tuning people’s diets to improve physical, mental, and emotional health.  She is a mom of four, which is her greatest accomplishment.  Allison and Scott love working together, cycling, and traveling.

Scott has his Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina.  He has a passion for farming and sustainability.  Scott has taught numerous classes on the farm teaching people the importance of clean food and water.  He also does mission work in Haiti, and directs a local youth mountain biking team.

Why TKF Reboot?

The Reboot is designed as a restart for your metabolism to clear the stresses of life, poor food choices, and health crises.  It is a lifestyle change that is easily maintained in your own kitchen with the guidance of our team.  If you have experienced stress, fatigue, weight gain, chronic health issues, and more, a reboot lifestyle may be just what you are needing.

Directed by Allison Stapleton, her 20+ years of Nutritional and Culinary counseling brings a different perspective to the table.  She not only knows what our bodies need metabolically to make them function well, but she also knows how to make healthy food enjoyable.

The TKF Reboot online allows you to access weekly menus, featured recipes, counseling, nutrition classes,and cooking classes for a reasonable monthly fee. Basically, you will learn what to eat and when to eat. Having a nutritionist to help navigate and guide you as you experience the Reboot, simply at the click of your computer, you will feel the support you need and the ability to plan for your own dinner table. The TKF Reboot online offers menus for those who want to lose weight and feel better, but also modifications that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Cooking healthy and tasty for a family can be so simple. The Stapleton family including their children follow the maintenance TKF Reboot lifestyle. Allison learned early on to let the kids make their own choices and not be restricting. She believes in educating the kids on the “why” we eat healthy versus just making it happen. Jack, 16, experienced the full benefit in his mountain bike training that hydrating properly, eliminating sugar and making good food choices optimizes his performance. He focuses better in school and is even able to time manage more effectively. These changes for a family are gradual. Keep consistency and encouragement. Answer questions when kids ask! They are sponges and want to learn.