The TKF Reboot online is a subscription-based meal planning service carefully crafted by an experienced nutritionist to meet all of your dietary needs. Each week, a menu will arrive in your inbox detailing your meal plan for the week. Portions, how to shop, and how to plan will also be included. For those newcomers who aren’t familiar with the Reboot, a virtual orientation session will be included to help guide you as you get started. Monthly group sessions facilitated by our team for our new reboot community will be a great place to learn and share as you go. You will learn how to be smart when shopping with a budget in mind but also be able to enjoy organic, nutrient-rich foods. Menus are simple yet delicious, and each week featured recipes will be available to expand your fun in the kitchen;baking included!

Balance For Life

  • Expertly Crafted Weekly Menus
  • Every Friday, a menu for the following week, Monday through Sunday, will be posted, including meals and snacks, taking the guesswork out of what and when to eat!
  • Along with each weekly menu, 3-5 featured recipes made with easy to find, natural ingredients and step by step instructions, allowing you to make a delicious meal
  • Helpful resources including a list of pantry staples, how to shop for the healthiest ingredients, how to read a label, tools you’ll find useful in your kitchen, and secrets to planning and budgeting that help you save both time and money
  • Online Cooking Classes and Demonstrations
  • Allison and our team will share instructional cooking demonstrations, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced home cook, you’ll benefit from learning how to use healthy ingredients to replace the not healthy. You will learn how to use new tools and techniques and have fun in the kitchen, taking charge of what you eat all the while!
  • A list of commonly asked questions and their answers. links to other experts that we have come to trust and follow, and links to other businesses and product recommendations
  • All the Tools and Information You Need to Achieve Balance for Life
  • $199 per month (less than $50 per week for a sustainable, healthy weight management plan that works)
  • We know that making an investment in your health can seem expensive and sometimes even out of reach. We encourage you to consider what you’re gaining over the long term if you improve your health and the health of your family. It really works! Just read our testimonials below.

$199 / Month

Mindful Living

All of the value included above in the Balance for Life Plan

  • PLUS

  • Access to a virtual group orientation session led by our team, which will explain how the program is designed to work, the benefits of the program, what to expect, tips for common challenges and roadblocks, and a Q&A session.
  • Access to weekly virtual nutrition class led by our team, allowing you to benefit from a community of “ Rebooters” with similar goals and challenges. This is a great way to learn, share, provide and receive feedback from others as you work towards your goals.

$249 / Month

What our customers are saying

“Sharing a Praise!”

“Our daughter has been thriving since we did a nutrition consult with you- we’ve cut back her medication, she made straight A’s on her report card and she is dominating in gymnastics. Before we talked with you, she was struggling sooooo much with fatigue, brain fog and mood swings.”

“Improved my health in 4 months!”

“I lost 25 pounds in 4 months on the Reboot. With the approval of my doctor, I was able to discontinue several medications I had been taking for years… Allison was very knowledgeable, professional, and most of all, she really listened.”


“Life Changing!”

“After many years of struggling with my weight, I started the reboot plan desperate for a sustainable solution. A year later, I had lost 116 lbs and I’ve kept it off.

In addition to the weight I lost, which once was my sole focus, I regained balance in my life. Real food, unparalleled support.

It really works!”