Hello friends-

Each week as I write these blogs, I have so much to share. I speak from my heart when I say I truly care about each of you and your health journey. This life is short. We need to make it the best we can and feel better than we could imagine.

Mental health is something that is becoming more and more socially discussed and for good reasons. In a world behind screens, so many of us forget what human interaction feels like and how impactful and positive it can be. In a world of go, go, go all the time, stopping to smell the roses and do check-ins on friends is happening less and less.

Not only are social interactions important, our diets play a key role in our mental health. Studies have proven our gut health is directly correlated to the health of our minds. In a world of convenience foods and being on the go, our gut health has declined greatly in the last years.

The lower consumption of fruits and veggies, restrictions of healthy carbs, and increased fat intake is leading us in our health epidemic. High blood sugar and hormone imbalance has become “the norm”. When all of these items are out of whack, the result is depression, exhaustion, brain fog, muscle fatigue, sleeplessness, weight gain, bloating, excessive gas, and pain. This is not okay.

The solution is not hard. It just requires a shift in our thinking and our time management. It means prioritizing meal time again and making good choices when eating out. We have 4 children and I understand time restrictions. I also know when we aren’t eating healthy, everything else declines. People get moody, school work becomes a struggle, exercise is put on the shelf, and the list goes on.

Many of you who have been on the Reboot journey with us can attest to the benefit of taking the time to plan and make meals. The feeling of food contentment, lower anxiety, and in the end, less stress far outweighs the time to prep in the kitchen. Make it quality time in the kitchen with your family. Make it an event. Educate your kids and grandkids on the reasons why you are making different choices. The right choices.

I promise simple changes like this will lead to full hearts and healthy bellies. Let’s do this.

For your health-