Good morning Reboot Friends-

Each week, I am so thrilled to hear your success stories and how accomplished you are feeling on your reboot journey. Energy levels increasing, sleep quality improving, and the weight coming off are just a few of the benefits you are sharing with me. One of the main components of the TKF Reboot is hydration. This can be a tricky change for some of you if water has never been part of your routine.

If you have ever had much time to chat with me, you will always hear me talking about the importance of hydration. My kids always joke with me and ask me if water is the answer to everything! “I have a stomach ache.” My response, “How much water have you had today?”. “My head hurts” my response is always the same. I can’t focus, I am tired, I have heartburn- all of these can simply be repaired with proper water consumption.

Our bodies are made of 90% water. Our daily lives are strenuous and active and require proper water replacement. So many people don’t drink any water at all. A recent study was conducted of people who were admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with serious or chronic illness. 93% were considered clinically dehydrated! That should be motivation enough to know water does matter. Our cells need refreshing, our skin needs rehydrating, our kidneys need cleansing and our bowels need water to keep them moving.

As you begin your water journey, here are a few rules to remember. Start gradually and increase your intake daily. You should be drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. For example- if you weigh 100lbs, you would need 50 oz of water daily. Our bodies are like dry sponges. They need hydrating. As you become hydrated with your regular water intake, your bathroom trips will slow down. Your body will be thankful and will start functioning more optimally. For those concerned about losing electrolytes as you add the water, you can always add a small amount of pink himalayan sea salt to your water or a powdered electrolyte replacer. Just make sure it’s sweetened with monkfruit or stevia. At our house, we love the Ultima Refresher found on amazon and online. Kids love the flavors, it encourages them to drink and is a great replacement for sports drinks that are full of added color and ingredients not to mention sugar. You can also add fresh lemon, lime, cucumbers or basil to your water for an added refreshment. This is especially great with sparkling water.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace as you make these incredible changes for you. You are worthy and your health is worth it. Drink up!

For your health-