Tis the season for all that grows in summer! There are so many wonderful varieties of fruits and veggies this time of year. So many times herbs are missed and forgotten. Here’s a little cheat sheet to get you started!

Basil- One of the most versatile herbs around! Perfect in all things Italian but also great with fresh tomatoes, grilled chicken and in fresh salads. My favorite is to stack the leaves, roll them up and slice them very thin to make nice little ribbons of basil! Also, using the holy basil version is a great cold remedy!

Rosemary Another powerhouse herb that is an evergreen here locally. We can use our fresh rosemary any time of the year by trimming some leaves and chopping it finally. My favorite combo is lemon, garlic and rosemary which makes a great rub for chicken or pork. Rosemary also makes for a beautiful harvest like bouquet and you can clip it straight from your yard.

Curly Parsley Curly and flat leaf parsley have so many uses! The most common is for a garnish but it makes for wonderful flavor in marinades and sauces. Parsley is a great detoxifying so adding it to a juicer is a great move. It also adds amazing green color to rice and pasta. Not to mention- it looks great in a container and is useful too!

Cilantro- My favorite but so many don’t love the flavor! Studies have shown the predisposition to not enjoying cilantro is genetic. It adds such wonderful flavor to Mexican dishes, great in sauces and also fantastic in juices. It acts as a great detoxifier! It’s a cooler weather herb and doesn’t love the heat.

Get creative in the kitchen and in your garden with things that look pretty and taste great, too. All of these herbs plus so many more will take your dinner party to the next level and make you feel good too.

Until next time….

For your health-
Allison Stapleton