I don’t know about you but the pace of the world right now seems to be in super speed. Running from place to place, meeting to practice to meal time. Just crazy busy. I find myself missing my marks on many things when things get this crazy. Exercise becomes less of a priority, I skip a meal here and there and everything topples from there.

I am also feeling like the world is losing its patience with one another. Impatience in traffic, annoyance when you have a cart of groceries and the man behind you is grunting because he only has one item. Frustration when people don’t do it “your way” or not the way it should be done. All of these things point to a world of discord and mostly discontent.

Have you ever stopped to say please go ahead with your one item so you don’t have to wait for my cart load of food? It makes you feel better but then there is an absence of a thank you and it makes you feel like well why then? Or when you ask your kids to fold the laundry and they do so but the socks aren’t matched, everyone’s underwear is in the same pile and the folding isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Does it really matter? Was the fact the task was done without grumbling and complaints enough? I think so.

We all need to lend a little grace these days. Grace for the mom with the crying baby who could use help putting the groceries in the car. Grace for the man with one item in the line not saying thank you because he was too distracted with the diagnosis he had just been given. Grace for ourselves when we don’t get the day just right but we got up and we made a valiant effort only to stumble a little along the way. Grace.

Life needs to slow down a bit so we can really stop and look outside of our box and see how we are just going through the motions. A little slower to have lunch with your mom or coffee with a friend. A little slower to realize your neighbor has been really sick but you have been too busy to ask or even notice.

We have a chance to get it back right. It also just requires a little more than what we have been giving to the important stuff.

Just a little reminder. We all need a little grace.

For your health-
Founder of the TKF Reboot Online