Hello friends!

I always enjoy writing these fun tidbits of information and staying connected with you. I always say education is power and we certainly need more education when it comes to what we eat and what we shouldn’t eat. The  information available can be absolutely daunting so I hope these blogs provide a little insight and comfort as well.

Fruit- we have such a love/hate relationship with fruit. We hear it has too much sugar, that your body doesn’t need it and that it isn’t good for you. This truly couldn’t be further from the truth. When and how you eat fruit is important, timing is important as well as what fruits benefit you the most. The TKF Reboot is all about blood sugar regulation. Keeping your levels as even as possible throughout the day helps to regulate hormones as well as many other bodily functions. Apples, Melons, and Pineapples are all favorites for sure.

Berries provide an incredible source of fruit fiber. They are colorful like the rainbow, have phytonutrients and antioxidants that stave off disease. They are also lower in sugar than other fruits and can sometimes be more helpful when needing to control blood sugar. This time of year beautiful strawberries will be coming in with blackberries, raspberry and blueberries to follow. Make sure to choose organic as berries are traditionally a high pesticide fruit and we are what we eat. We want the good bacteria from the flesh of the berries without the negative effects of chemicals.

Citrus fruits provide amazing amounts of vitamin C which not only boosts your immunity but also helps maintain healthy skin, bones and circulation. Grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges and mandarins are the easiest to get our hands on but don’t discount the extensive variety. Blood oranges, sumatra, meyer lemons and pomelo offer a change to your regular citrus routine and many times are much sweeter and flavorful than traditional varieties. They are a great pick me up in the afternoon to keep you going!

There are a few fruits out there I always avoid known as sugar bombs. This doesn’t mean they should never be consumed but while on the reboot it’s good idea to avoid them. Bananas and grapes can cause a pretty significant blood sugar spike when consumed and should be used cautiously. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and definitely can be beneficial for certain things like exercising and replenishing after a workout.

Our bodies were designed to consume fruit to keep it strong and healthy! Add it back into your life for a natural sugar source that will keep your cravings down and your energy soaring. Until next time……

For your health- Allison