Good morning from sunny South Carolina in February!

The weather has been amazing for a time of year that is typically cold and dreary. It is such a good time to soak in some extra vitamin D before the cold joins us again. Seizing these opportunities and really finding joy in them has become a daily practice for me. I don’t want to miss a moment of gratitude or peace that I could so easily brush over.

This exact feeling is what I hope the reboot brings for you. An opportunity to find joy in yourself, in nature, in the kitchen, on the scales, in every moment. The reboot is an opportunity to reset yourself physically but also mentally. Finding fresh ideas in the kitchen and savoring the seasons with different produce are all an opportunity to find joy. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking, knowing you are providing nourishing food for your body and mind is satisfying. Watching your toddler or grandchild enjoy sweet potatoes for the first time or helping with baking in the kitchen-

I think we can look back at our years in the pandemic and agree that the slower pace and togetherness created nourishment in an uncertain time. We all took fresh baking to a new level, we had more family game nights, we ate IN instead of the drive thru and so much more. I hope as time progresses for you in the kitchen, you will go back to some of these things. Slowing down a bit, enjoying this fresh new start with the reboot and finding peace and joy in taking care of yourself.

You are important. You are seen. You are worth it.

For your health-