Hello everyone!

Today we are talking food and your health. It’s been said what’s on the end of your fork is more powerful than any medicine out there and it’s true. Food truly heals.

Here at the farm, it has been such a joy to watch fresh veggies growing, the chickens laying beautiful eggs and nature doing its thing over the years. As a dietitian, knowing I am feeding my kids the fruits and veggies they need to grow is always so satisfying. Many years ago, fruits were a treat or a snack and now they are overlooked so often. Our elders didn’t have near the  health problems we do now and they had long health spans. I remember my grandmother
always having fruit for a snack and taking long afternoon walks. She lived to 97.

There is a lot we can learn from our grandparents in comparison to the lives we are living now. Taking 20 minutes to make a batch of fresh cookies is an investment in your health. Yes, they are cookies but they are made from REAL ingredients. The packaged products we eat are so laden with artificial everything and it is wreaking havoc on our bodies. We are less likely to eat the whole pan of our beautiful cookie creations because it was an investment of our time instead of munching down a whole sleeve of sandwich cream cookies mindlessly.

Let’s talk quantities. Our poor bodies. We are designed to eat our food, enjoy it and walk away feeling satisfied. Instead, we feel stuffed. Our portions are sometimes 10x the European portions and we are taught to clean our plates. Our bodies simply can’t handle this much food. We are so full, our blood sugar spikes high and we crash shortly thereafter leaving all those calories to sit and stay on our bellies, hips and thighs. A proper protein portion should be the size of your palm while veggies can cover your plate. Proteins should be grass fed or organic
and raised sustainably. Remember we are what we eat which is also what the chickens and cows eat. And carbs? They get such a bad rap. When you make healthy complex carb choices and use portion control, they can fuel your body to perform well on all levels.

Our food is our fuel and not our comforter. It’s there to allow us to run and play, attend grandkids ball games and jump on the trampoline no matter the age. When we start focusing on the quality we are fueling up on, there will be a direct correlation to our quality of life and health.

Take the time to reconsider your time in the kitchen. I promise it’s worth it because you are worth it!

Until next time,