Change is always a challenge. Getting out of the norm of what you’re used to and stepping out to make life better. Change is always beautiful.

Our Americanized diet is a hard habit to break. The convenience of a drive through, time limitations, kids over booked with activities and mom and dad completely exhausted. It’s time for that change. Taking back your kitchens and your family by prioritizing your health and what you eat. Making small daily changes that lead to bigger changes and together these make big impacts on your health.

Start with something simple. Maybe the one thing you eat or drink the most and change that to organic or a lesser sugar version. Lowering the load of pesticides on your body will allow your body to do its job. That’s a great small change. Maybe it’s consciously paying attention to the added sugar on your food labels. Make a goal. Maybe it’s keeping your added sugar intake to under 10g a day. Another great change. Or it could be a mental health change. Making time for 30-45 minutes of movement every single day. Maybe you need some quiet just for you to meditate, pray, think through life–make that a priority. Small changes make big impacts.

As I walked out of the farm kitchen this week, closing one chapter but excited for the next, I realized I was doing just this. Making a change. I have been prepping and planning meals for over 10 years in that kitchen. Transitioning to teaching you online and making a change to
impact others so you can see the importance of food and its impact on health is a dream. We look forward to being able to guide you, encourage you, and support you as you try new things and fumble in the kitchen. We will be there to encourage you to get back up and realize these
changes are worth it. This is such a blessing for me and I am excited for you!

As you begin, if you are nervous and not sure, select ‘Mindful Living’ for your first month. We are here to support you through virtual meetings and orientations. We will help you get started, help you make the most of your time and money, and keep you motivated. Once you become more comfortable, you can step down to ‘Balance for Life’. If you are comfortable in the kitchen and a seasoned home cook, you should do just fine following ‘Balance for Life’ and can always step up if needed.

For those of you curious about what your subscription will look like, it is super simple and easy to navigate. You will have a weekly menu that updates every Friday. Basic Recipes will be available and added weekly as well. Featured recipes will also update and are featured in the menu for the week. You will also have virtual cooking classes with demonstrations to stretch you in the kitchen! Who knew it could be so simple to cut up a fresh pineapple?!
There is also a place with all the guidelines noted to follow. A cheatsheet to keep you motivated and reminded, a food list for what you can eat each day, a pantry list to start building in your kitchen so cooking will be simple and items stay available, plus an extensive handbook called ‘The Guidelines’ that gives you the formula for the Reboot. This is the key to the reboot life.

More energy, better sleep, weight loss, regulated blood sugar, lower blood pressure…the list goes on! All these things are waiting for you. All things for a better you. For a lifetime.
As you journey through life, prioritize yourself. Without a whole you, you can’t give a portion to anyone else. If you are looking for a little more insight here, schedule a consultation with one of our team members under ‘Our Programs’. We will help you make these small changes to make
BIG things happen in your life.

For your health,